The 78k See-Through Dress….

An 11 year old dress which cost just 30 pounds to make and has been lying in the back of a young designers wardrobe for 8 years, reached 78 thousand pounds at the Passion for Fashion auction event in East London last week.

The dress designed by Charlotte Todd while studying Fashion and Textiles, rose to fame when Kate Middleton, the future British Queen, strutted her stuff in the revealing ensemble at a university charity fashion show when she was just 19.

Charlotte Todd admitted that the dress was originally designed as a skirt and took one week to put together. The dress was even part of a project titled ‘The Art of Seduction.’ Todd also mentioned that her best move was to have Kate model for her in the St Andrew’s University charity show in 2002.

The dress/skirt, which went up for auction last week, despite in November last year Todd expressing that she could never dream of parting with the dress as she viewed it as a memory of the moment Kate and Prince William got together.

The silk knitted garment was purchased by Nicky Roberts, a 34 year old property tycoon from Jersey, whose family own other historical fashion pieces, including some of Marilyn Monroe’s dresses and some of Queen Victoria’s underwear.

It has been mentioned by the new owner however, that the dress may be further sold on to raise money for charity.

It has been estimated that so far the designer, Charlotte Todd, has made 65,000 from the creation. All that can be thought is .. thanks goodness Kate has no plans the day of the fashion show.



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