From Fish and Chip Shop to Fashion Catwalk.

Who would think that a normal, run of the mill, local shopping trip could completely change your life forever. This was the case for Alexander Beck. The 17 year old, part-time chip shop worker from Essex was out shopping with his friends when a stranger shouted at him…. “Stop! I love your face.”

This ‘strange’ man turned out to be Cesar Perin, a model scout who was about to change Alexander’s life forever. Posing in his first ever photo shoot , no training needed, Perin’s ‘golden tickets’ portfolio was send off to the international fashion houses. There was instant hype around the new, never seen before, ‘exotic looking’ face and soon after, Alexander was booked exclusively with Prada.

Within a month Alexander has given up his 6 pound an hour job at the Ocean Delight fish and chip shop and put his studies on hold as he was jetted to Paris. First stop Dior.

Since then the 6ft 2in school boy has been living a life of high fashion appearing in catwalk shows for some of the biggest names in fashion including Dior, Yves St Laurent, Louis Vuitton and Lanvin (just to name a few). He has also shot two editorials for Vogue Hommes Japan which are to be published in the spring.

Big things are expected from the youngster and it doesn’t seen like he will have much time to adjust from school boy to high fashion model. DNA Models state on their website- ‘Big things are on the horizon for Alexander and we look forward to following the career of one of Britain’s most promising new faces for 2011. Alexander is THE FUTURE.’


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