Gisele’s Air Brushing Cover Up for H&M Spring 2011

Gisele Bundchen looks stunning in the store window’s of H&M, modelling their new Spring range, however it is not only Gisele that has been airbrushed in some new images.

The high street retailer has been forced to cover the supermodel up declaring her ‘too sexy’ for exposure. Campaign images destined for Middle East store’s had to be airbrushed and digitally enhanced adding in extra fabrics and in some ‘extreme’ cases extra items of clothing to conceal Gisele’s modesty.

Despite it being a regular occurrence for Giselle to be pictured in little more than a bra, thong and feather wings on the Victoria Secret Runway, H&M were forced to retouch some of the promotional images depending on which region of the world they were being sent to. This was to make the images more acceptable for some strict moral codes and religious beliefs in which women are always covered.

The heavy-handed retouching is clear to see and was picked up on by a Dubai-based fashion and beauty website who had already seen the original untouched images shot by top fashion photographer, Daniel Jackson.

Have a look for yourself……


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