The Sale Shopper

It’s that time of year again. When our favourite stores roll out masses of clothes, shoes and accessories that have been hidden away in stock rooms and begin every sale shoppers favourite sight….the marking down with a red pen.

What is it about sales that drive everyone so wild? I totally understand that everyone loves a bargain but working in a store has shown me that during sale time something takes over our everyday shoppers and they are morphed into the dreaded sale shopper. A top that wasn’t selling at 35 pounds gets the red pen treatment down to 28 pounds and all of a sudden its flying off the rails. I hear people muttering to themselves reasons why they must have it, excuses that they don’t have any like it and convincing themselves that without it, their life just won’t be the same. I am bemused by the rise in sales during such an economically difficult time and the different that an 8 pound discount can make in someones decision making.

There are even forum’s online to support the sale shoppers, tips, tricks and ways to control the flutter in your stomach when you hear the word sale.

Tip 1 – Have a clear idea of what you want. (After all there is no point in buying something which at full price you were positive you didn’t need but all of a sudden with a price deduction there is a massive hole in your wardrobe that needs to be filled with this particular garment.)

Tip 2 – Trust your instincts. (Don’t hesitate. If you see it, you like it and you want it don’t put it back! Of course someone else will come along and pinch your much needed sale item from right under your nose. Look what happened in Confessions of a Shopaholic to Rebecca Bloomwood when she put down the Pucci boots…war!)

Tip 3 – Invest in timeless pieces. (Well I could have an interview in the future…maybe not the near future but surely that warrants a new black dress? And a white shirt, everyone needs a white shirt! And ohhh a half off cashmere jumper, yeah so the colour might be a bit icky, but it’s half off! I will take it!

Exhausting and not just on yourself on your bank account aswell. The number of irate customer’s shop assistants deal with as their card has been declined at the till point or the bank are running random card checks because of unusual over activity on an account goes up and up.

Thank goodness I can’t count myself as a sale shopper. I see what it does to people. Besides I am on a tight budget this month and have been controlling my spending down to a tee.

A point I would like to forget – Rewind to the night of sale prep in work. Casually marking down. “Ohh have you seen how much this is down to! Such a bargain! Huh I never thought to try on this dress at all in the last four months maybe I should.” I leave work that night with a plan of action. I must come back first thing tomorrow morning to get those shoes. They are less than half price and I must have them. Can I walk in them? Hmm maybe not but I’m sure I can learn. Are they pretty? Yes! Justification enough for me! I drag my boyfriend out of bed at 8am to drive to work on my day off to pick up my new favourite shoes. Result, what an amazing day. I couldn’t be happier.

Fast forward two weeks later. I am casually strolling to work, walking by the shops and notice a new sale. Wait, hold on, how did I not know about this? I spy a pair of shoes from the door of the shop that I had seen on the mannequins in the window the previous week. I didn’t buy them…I didn’t need them…then! With a discount it is completely justifiable. One pair left in my size. It must be fate I tell myself strutting up to the till and whipping out my card.

I have a new favourite pair of shoes and as I stare at them this morning I am in love. I don’t know what I am going to wear them to, or with for that matter but they are perfect. And perhaps a new dress would compliment them perfectly?

As my mum always says to me – “You have more money than sense.” As I write this article, I think she is right.


One thought on “The Sale Shopper

  1. You know, I have to tell you, I really enjoy this blog and the insight from everyone who participates. I find it to be refreshing and very informative. I wish there were more blogs like it. Anyway, I felt it was about time I posted, Ive spent most of my time here just lurking and reading, but today for some reason I just felt compelled to say this.

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