The Brand I Admire….

Years of reading magazines and seeing how thousands and thousands of different brands advertise has left me admiring one brand in particular, Guess. What I admire most is their constancy. The campaign changes, a new face is promoting the brand, but even without the Guess name attached anyone who has seen enough of their previous campaigns, I believe, could pick advertising out and link it to Guess.

And even with years of maintaining the same branding ideologies I love that Guess still has that alluring, ‘I want to be her’ quality in each individual piece of advertising. The Guess girl is ‘confident, spirited and sensuous’ portraying a ‘young, sexy and adventurous lifestyle.’ Who wouldn’t want all of that? This is why the brand is so appealing to me and so many other people.

Not only that, Guess have had some of the most famous faces fronting their campaign. Using celebrities is one of the most obvious ways to reach out to people and draw them in, though Guess have turned some unknown faces into the most respected models in the business today. Claudia Schiffer, Carla Bruni and Naomi Campbell were just a few faces of Guess campaigns, three women who consumers without a doubt would idolise, admire and love to look like and have the lifestyles of.

The nostalgic, black and white look of Guess branding would lead you to believe that it is all unattainable, however there is something about Guess that draws you in and makes it real. The images are captivating and allow us in on private, movie-like moments which automatically brings on an emotional connection to the situation. We are given the chance to imagine ourselves right there and create our own scenario from the visuals. You literally can become the Guess girl. We can create our own story behind the advertising which is personable to each of us individually and again this makes it more appealing.

Simply put, Guess makes you want what is there. We can all be as desired as Claudia Schiffer, we can all have the sex appeal of Anna Nicole Smith and we can all have the quirkiness of Drew Barrymore if we buy into the brand and wear Guess. It works for them so of course it can work for us too.

I think I admire and love the brand so much because of its simplicity. The advertising and branding works so well for Guess, why would they change it? They prove that things do not need to be overly complex for them to appeal to their target market. I love that Guess has a mysterious edge yet is made to be accessible to ever person who experiences their branding and in different, individual ways. Their branding is always cutting-edge, exciting and creative yet consistent and appropriate to their target market. I really look forward to seeing the forthcoming Guess branding campaigns and what ideas and stories I will take from them. Who wouldn’t want to be that Guess girl? I definitely do.

ELLE Competition Entry – November 2011


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