My Little Christmas Belly…

So all the celebrations are over! and hello 2012!

I survived my first Christmas away from home and despite a few tears, had an amazing Christmas with the boyfriend and his family in Wales! Though of course we came back to Bonnie Scotland and celebrated Hogmanay in style!

Though I now find myself with a small but increasing issue….the little Christmas belly! I have started eating and I cannot seem to stop! I cannot complain as I got to enjoy these delicious treats! ….. try not to drool!

Strawberry Pavlova, ‘Bruce Bogtrotter’ Chocolate Cake and Bailey’s Chocolate Cheesecake! Heaven on three plates!


Top this all off with the most amazing New Years Day dinner of steak pie..Jamie Oliver style! … 

Expanding waistline galore! Though during a lunchbreak back at work (as I devoured my huge bag of Roast Beef Monster Munch). Myself as a friend were comforted by one little image. As tiny and practically non-existant as it is…even Cheryl Cole has it! That little Christmas Belly!

If Cheryl makes it look good then I’m happy with that! Pass me another slice of Chocolate cake!! Bruce! Bruce! Bruce! Bruce! Bruce! YEHH!

Happy New Year Everyone 😀 xxx


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