Take Me Out! ..It’s back!

It’s that time again! To bring on the girls!

Take Me Out is back on your telly tomorrow night and it is set to be better than ever.

I actually found out the show was coming back a couple of weeks ago in work when I met one of the eligable bachelorette mothers. Her lovely daughter travelled to the Island of Fernando (Tenerife) on her date, though I was very sad to hear that there was no love connection made (a no likey situation). She was more interested in getting her hand on the French Connection dress that she was given to wear on the show. I happily obliged. So, keep you eyes out for the local girl from Hamilton!










http://www.radiotimes.com/episode/n6bq7/take-me-out–take-me-out Review by Jack Seale

The first men down the ‘love lift’ include a personal trainer from Huddersfield, a Birmingham haulage worker, a Royal Navy serviceman and a surfer enthusiast from Somerset.

Make sure you tune in at 7.30pm on 7th January for some more ‘No likey, no lighty!’ action from Paddy McGuiness.


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