My Heart Belongs to Virgos Lounge

Since hitting the fashion scene Virgos Lounge have been making a name for themselves with their gorgeously made statement pieces that combine contemporary silhouettes, recent must have trends and classic vintage styles like you’ve never seen before. What isn’t their to love!?

The London based womenswear brand was established in 2008 and since then have been providing women with statement wardrobe pieces galore, aswell as featuring in some of the biggest selling magazines in the UK such as Look, OK!, and Cosmopolitan just to name a few.


We were lucky enough to get to speak to the Virgo Lounge ladies and get their take on all things Virgo related.

– So, Virgo’s Lounge look is really unique. What inspired the designs?

We are a vintage inspired brand, so that’s the basis for most of our designs though each of our collections is inspired by something a bit different. Our last collection was inspired by carnival in terms of the beading and colours used in the designs.

– What about the creators? Tell us a little more about them..

We are three vintage loving, Zodiac sign sharing, Virgos. Fi and Oye are sisters and Nike is a very close friend.

– What are Virgos Lounge fashion loves and lothes?

We love embellishments, maxi dresses and anything that looks or is vintage. We loathe kitten heels with a passion.

– Since the Virgos Lounge website launch, which of the designs have been the most sought after?

The Amber blouse, Raina dress and Jen top have been very much sought after! So much so that we are bringing them back out this month.

– If any famous faces could be styled in your designs who would you choose?


– Whats to come for Virgos Lounge in the new year? and what can we Virgos Lounge lovers look forward to in 2012?

We plan to bring out new designs on a monthly basis, so you can look forward to being spoilt for choice in 2012.

And if you haven’t already been spoiled enough already by the previous collection check out Virgos Lounge latest collection ‘Glam Grunge’ out this month.

Article features designs from the Jan 2012 Grunge Glam Collection


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