The Leap Year Proposal: A Fairy Tale Story

Today is the day when we ladies can take matters into our own hands and pop the question to our Prince Charming. Though a daunting thought, 9% of women are planning to propose to their other half today.

We spoke to the lovely Lindsey from Manchester who proposed to her now hubby on the 29th February 2008 and doesn’t regret it for a second.

Having known each other for years the couple both split from their ex partners and found themselves arranging to go on a date. Lindsey says she knew straight away she had found ‘The One’.

Lindsey toyed with the idea of proposing early 2008 as she knew the Leap Year day was fast approching though she admits herself that she wasn’t 100% sure until the day finally came. With some research on the tradition, Lindsey decided to go the old fashioned route, creating a proposal card holding different coloured ribbons, which traditionally held different meanings, the male would decide which coloured ribbon to return as their answer.

“I was very embarassed” says Lindsey. “I left the card in the middle of the living room floor and text messaged my partner asking him to return home to run an errand.” Poor Linsdey spent a long, long day at work waiting on the call that he had returned home. The time ticked by and eventually Lindsey got the call. The answer was yes.

That weekend the couple went out and purchased Lindsey’s engagement ring. One she had always dreamed of.

Six month’s later the couple were married. On the 22nd August 2008, on their first year anniversary and six months after Lindsey had proposed. “Life is brilliant” Lindsey says. “We have a great life ahead of us to add to our past together”

And for any ladies out there thinking of taking the plunge; “I say go for it” she says. “Best thing I ever did and adds a whole new excitement & story to tell the grandchildren one day.”

“I wouldn’t change my decision for the world.”


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