Mirror Mirror on the Wall – The Virtual Changing Room

Sometimes there can be nothing more stressful than trying on outfit after outfit in store fitting rooms. Bad lighting, poorly positioned mirrors, intrusive people knocking on the door are just a few of the things that take the pleasure out of my shopping experience.

Have a flashback to the nineties, when hit teen comedy Clueless first graced our cinema screens. Wouldn’t we all love to have Cher’s virtual closet? That computer programme that allows her to try on her entire wardrobe to decide what to wear. Letting you mix and match to your hearts content, without all the stress of zipping, buttoning and pulling off garment after garment? Fast forward 17 years and technology has finally gotten us there!

The Trafford Centre in Manchester have introduced the first ‘Magic Mirror’ in the UK, which allows you to superimpose different outfits from a range of stores at the Trafford Centre over your body. It brings a whole new meaning to try before you buy and really brings the shopping experience into the 21st Century.

The Magic Mirror saves time eliminates the hassle of rummaging through all the stores and with the wave of a hand lets you change style and sizes to suit your frame.


The virtual changing room goes on display at the Trafford Centre today.




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