I Can’t Do It! Not Without My Make Up!

We feel naked without it. Dressed down and less confident. We need it to even our skin tone, cover those pesky blemishes and conceal those dark circles. Most of us just can’t live without our make up.

A survey carried out by Vitality Live found the true extent of our make up dependency in the UK.

70% of women would not be happy to go to work without a full face of make up, 91% would rather cancel the all important first date than go make up free, 31% wouldn’t venture to the gym bare faced and 1 in 6 of us wouldn’t even answer the front door (you never know who might be there!).

Infact, the survey suggested that many of us find going to work without any make up on more stressful than public speaking or even attending a new job interview. Make up was top of the priority list when leaving the house over other daily essentials such as bank cards and cash.

In the UK, our top make up bag must haves include mascara, lipgloss, foundation, concealer and eyeliner with on average the women of the UK spending around 21 minutes applying a ‘full face’ of make up giving our male counter parts half an hour longer in bed. What ever happened to beauty sleep?

The poll also showed that the average monthly spend per person on our favourite make up brands is £25. That equates to £300 a year, or £2,156,875 every hour collectively between UK women.

But it’s time to down the brushes ladies, and embrace the real natural look, with ‘National No Make Up Day’ being ‘celebrated’ on Thursday 22nd March. More than half of the women surveyed where happy to be around friends, family and their partner make up free so why get so done up for work? Who are you trying to impress?



** I would love to hear your opinion! Would you leave the house without your make up? Or are you one of the 20% of UK women who only wear make up on weekends? What do you think of people who have a face full of slap? Comment 🙂 **


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