Rollasole: The Shoe No Girl Should Be Without

Ladies, we have all been there. Dressing our best for a night on the town but looking less than attractive on the way home due to our fabulous shoes not seeming a comfortable as they did before the night began. So, what can we do? Offset your outfit with a unusually large evening bag to store a back up set of shoes to save your feet? Or going home early to save your partied out feet?

Luckily one knight in shining armour has come to the rescue and developed a solution that even some of our favourite Hollywood celebs are loving.

Rollasole is an innovative roll up ballet pump, that will fit into most clutch bags so can be broken out in any high heel emergency. Not only this, the comfy flat is not just practical but also fashion conscious to match your outfit. Get the go with everything Back to Black, or even Paint the Town Red or how about some leopard print or some Parisian chic? What I found more impressive about these trusty little shoes was the price. The classic and contemporary styles are all under 10, while the newer delux Rollasoles with bows, flowers and tie-dye prints are just under 15.

For the price I don’t image them to be too long lasting, though the delux range have been designed for regular use and everyday wear. They are perfect for their purpose and I imagine will be a literal life saver for a lot of girls who spend most of their weekends on the town and on the dancefloor.

Matt Horan, from Bristol, is Rollasoles Creator, who got the idea when a girlfriends killer high heels took their toll on her feet;

“She loved her towering stilettos but by the end of a night out she would be suffering so much I decided to come up with a solution and that’s how Rollasole was born. Girls also tend to go straight out from work more, being in your heels all day and then dancing all night can be a killer, so hopefully Rollasole will be there to solve the problem.”


Rollasole even hit Tinsel Town for the Golden Globes being sold through vending machines to the biggest celebs. Heidi Klum and Hayden Panettiere were spotted ditching their heels and going for comfort in the Gold Digger Rollasole style. The company only recently launched in the US and have already sited vending machines in some of the biggest hotels and casino’s in Las Vegas.

Rollasole are currently available on the UK high street at selected New Look and Miss Selfridge stores, though the company are in talks with other retailers so watch this space and are also available at

I love these little shoes and really think that they are a handbag essential. I just cant wait for the day my favourite clubs stock the vending machines and I can fill my handbag with some other random night out essentials, but for now Rollasole’s are a handbag staple.


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