A Stay At The Blythswood Square

A special occasion requires a special hotel. The Blythswood Square goes far beyond special, infact it knock the socks off almost all the hotels I’ve ever stayed in. Okay, so it’s not very often that myself and my boyfriend push the boat out in terms of the cost of the hotel, but despite the penny pinch felt after our Blythswood trip it was more than worth it.

For me it’s the little things that make a hotel stay. I don’t like to feel uncomfortable, which I often do when staying away from home and I like to have all those little things around that make me feel at home. After a night at the Blythswood, I felt so at home I wish I could have signed a 6 month rent contract. The second I set foot into the hotel I felt welcome and was even more at home when I found complimentary Tunnock’s Tea Cakes on the tea tray in the room (one of Scotland’s greatest snacks!)

The lobby of the Blythswood sets the tone of what to expect. It is literally breathtaking and immaculate. From this point on your ever need is catered to.

I had been told by a friend about the ‘amazing-ness’ of the robes at the Blytheswood. When I arrived at the room I searched and searched to no avail. No robes to be seen. To say I was disappointed was an understatement. I hadn’t even packed pyjamas in the hope of getting to prance around in my robe all night.

After a very delicious dinner from the set market menu (all fresh, local produce) the significant other made a quick trip to the reception to enquire about the robes. The gentleman on reception was deeply apologetic and as I closed the door to our room after our trip upstairs there was literally someone right behind me with two fresh, decedent robes (big enough for two I would image as mine drowned me, not that I complained of course). The service and the attentiveness of the staff is really amazing.

Even more amazing is the selection of movies in the room, again all complimentary, and many of which have not even been released yet or are still in the cinema. Having just finished reading the first of the trilogy of The Hunger Games, this was one to watch for me and all of course from the huge marble bathtub, with sliding doors to conceal yourself or in my case not from the other party. Yes, I did get to watch the film from the bubble bathed tub with a glass of champers. Who wouldn’t want to live here?

The following day it was breakfast and a trip to the spa where we were booked in for two hot stone massages. At breakfast I was tempted to ask if it would be possible for me to drag a seat up to the continental buffet and devour the lot. There was so much to choose from and if you’ve not had a few too many the night before there is even a large bottle of Grey Goose on hand to make yourself an early morning Bloody Mary.

I of course also ordered breakfast from the set menu (Full Scottish…what else?) and barely struggled through the lot. I certainly got my monies worth but did feel just a tad greedy when the female guest at the table beside me tucked into a single boiled egg and half a slice of wholemeal toast (some people need to live a little.)

After my hearty breakfast it was off to the spa. After such an amazing stay so far my expectations were high and I was not disappointed. The thermal experience in the hotel was something I couldn’t even imagine. Being in Glasgow city centre this really is a hidden gem and feels a million miles away from the bustling streets outside. The girls in the spa were all so lovely and again very attentive though the one downside I would say would be the price of the massages. Even though the Blythswood is amazing I still thing the prices are a little high. My boyfriend had booked us in on a mid-week break deal in which our massage was included but with a single massage for one hour costing £80 this meant that we got everything else i.e our room for the night and breakfast, for an addition £40 each. It certainly was an amazing deal for this hotel though to just book in for a spa treatment I would say is overpriced. The use of the spa facilities however is only £20 and it is well worth a visit.

Overall with the package deal we got direct from the Blythswood’s website, I think the stay was well worth it. It’s pricy for a single night but this hotel is really up there with the best. Be it for a girls weekend or a romantic night I would really recommend the Blythswood Square.



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