Eclipse Christmas Event Promotion

I had the following article published on the Morgan Quarter website to promote Eclipse Gift Wrappings up and coming Christmas event;


Eclipse Gift Wrapping for Christmas in the Royal Arcade – December 14, 2012

Be extra prepared this Christmas and maintain your festive cheer by visiting the Eclipse Gift Wrapping team in the Morgan Quarter from Saturday 15th December till Christmas Eve.

Situated in units 9 to 11 of the Royal Arcade, Alison Westwood and Louise Wensley take gift wrapping to a whole new level and you can bet that your perfect Christmas gifts will be even more perfectly wrapped from as little as £1.95

The professional gift wrapping duo can help with any wrapping woes at the walk in service as well as adding your own personal touch through a choice of papers, cellophanes and tissues, all beautifully finished off with a handmade bow. Be it wrapping a simple box, a more unusually shaped item or creating a hamper, Alison and Louise can offer simple, professional and creative techniques, help and advice.

And for those who become inspired by the professional tips and tricks items such as gift boxes, wrapping paper, cellophane and a large selection of ribbon will be available to purchase to give you the chance to give it a try yourself. All you need to finish off your Christmas shopping by topping it all off with a bow at the Morgan Quarter with Eclipse Gift Wrapping.


View it in the flesh:


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