A Cardiff Life For Me …

A wee diary entry I wrote after my first few weeks in Wales. It’s nice to read these things back and see where you are now….

So today marks three weeks since I first arrived in South Wales and so far so good! My transition has been fairly simple to be honest, beside missing my amazing friends and family I have been so busy learning the ropes in work and getting settled that I haven’t had much time to think. Though here are some of the things my travels have made apparent:

What Cardiff needs from Glasgow:

  • square sausages. Breakfast isn’t the same without them.
  • tips on dressing for the weather. Ok, it is no where near as cold here as it is in Glasgow but the number of people I have seen wearing Crocs in the last few weeks is concerning. Particularly in the rain. In October.
  • all of my friends and family. Here. NOW!
  • A bank holiday on the 1st of January. Those in Scotland celebrate Hogmanay in style and working on the first day of a new year should be illegal everywhere.
  • some of those amazing twinkly lights across the top of the streets (Royal Exchange Square).

What Glasgow needs from Cardiff:

  • Krispy Kreme. Those north of the border are having their taste buds robbed!
  • A double the size ah-maz-ing Vivienne Westwood shop. I love the store in Glasgow but I walk past the Cardiff store daily and stare in with love heart shaped pupils.
  • A Cardiff Bay for shopping, eating, drinking and relaxing. I love it.
Source: DaveButcher.co.uk

Source: DaveButcher.co.uk


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