Naked Bakes Cupcake Masterclass

What could be more tempting on a sunny, Sunday afternoon than a delicious cupcake…or 4? Nothing as far as I’m concerned and these are even no guilt cupcakes as the diet always starts first thing Monday morning.

My sister and I always have difficulty in choosing birthday gifts for mum. She is one of those difficult people to buy for who never has any idea what they want or doesn’t really need anything. Any random items we do buy are pretty much forgotten about a few weeks later. Where’s the sentiment in that? My mum does however always say she would like to spend more time with her favourite daughters, ‘just the three of us’.

While desperately browsing online for a birthday gift idea I came across Blytheswood Square Hotel’s Cupcake Masterclass. The perfect gift! combining the three B’s: Baking, Bonding and Butter Icing.  What more could three ladies want?

As you will know from one of my previous blog entries; A Stay At The Blytheswood  I have had an amazing experience at the Blytheswood once before so to say my expectations of events promoted and held within the hotel would be an understatement. They have a standard which is impeccable. I expected a lot.

The event host Pauline runs her own business Naked Bakes. They use only the finest ingredients with no colouring, additives or flavour enhancing chemicals. The purest of pure cupcakes! That is what makes them so guilt free (please ignore calorie content) or as Naked Bakes put it ;

No Gunk! No Junk! Just Love!

And once again I have to give a great review to the Blytheswood and most of all to Naked Bakes.

The class, which lasted about an hour and a half, started with a glass of Prosecco on arrival and we were all invited to take our seats. With just enough people in the class to feel like you were not being constantly under observation by cupcake decorating pro Pauline, though not too many that you felt like you couldn’t have one on one time and ask questions, the balance was just right.

Being unusual as always I seemed to find the simplest decorations the most difficult and the most difficult the easiest. I must say I managed a pretty impressive rose cupcake as my final masterpiece. Too good to eat and what’s even better is that you didn’t have to (well not till later that day anyway once you cave into the butter icing temptation) as after the class a delicious afternoon tea was served along with Pauline’s very own cupcakes. Absolutely delicious and without a doubt some of the best cupcakes I’ve ever tasted! (and I’ve eaten a cupcake from Magnolia Bakery in New York!).

So, be it to spend time with the girls, bond with family or to curb the ultimate sweet tooth, I would really recommend the Naked Bakes Cupcake Masterclass.


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