Beauty Blog: The Beauty Kitchen Indulgence Experience

It has taken me a while to get round to this blog with all the festiveness floating around and also a want to try some of The Beauty Kitchen products before blogging about them but here I am with a belly full of Christmas food and a glass of mulled wine having just had a pamper session with some of my Beauty Kitchen products.

Before a recent planned trip back home I noticed a deal for the Beauty Kitchen Indulgence Experience online and thought it sounded like a great afternoon treat as well as a surprise for my mum (and myself).


The Beauty Kitchen is in the Saltmarket in Glasgow and their ethos is that you should not have to compromise on your beauty products to be good to the environment. All of their products are 100% natural with no hidden chemicals or synthetics, affordable, created to the highest possible standard doing exactly what they say they will do with the chance to personalise products and packaging which are both sourced locally.

The 2 hour class started with a very warm greeting from The Beauty Kitchen ladies as well as a lovely, bubbly glass of Prosecco. The shop was a great setting for the class being intimate and really setting the scene of what The Beauty Kitchen is all about. The small class number also meant that there was plenty of time to ask questions about products etc as well as general chit chat.


After donning our aprons my mum and I got stuck in to making our own personalised bath bombs from scratch. Now it has to be said that although I really like experience days such as this, I was wary as I am a sufferer of skin conditions such as eczema and more often than not products which I have used that claim to be suitable for my skin turn out to be quite the opposite. Many a time I have found myself in a position where I have spent money and been left disappointed and with a full product I cannot use. Needless to say friends and family often get freebies!

I started off quite cautious of the scents though I was offered peace of mind by The Beauty Kitchen ladies who were very knowledgeable on both their products and how they work with different skin issues. Though ultimately the real test would be when I tried the products at home!

One thing that really impressed me about The Beauty Kitchen where the ladies running it and their willingness to adapt products to suit each individual, explaining which adaptions would be best to suit your skin type and generally giving you great one on one service while in the shop. I was interested in buying a body sugar scrub but worry about the irritation it may cause my skin however a quick chat with one of The Beauty Kitchen ladies taught me that surprisingly stinking nettles calms redness and wouldn’t irritate my skin. She then very kindly began to make up a new jar of sugar scrub from scratch, adapting the existing ingredients and including the scent I liked.

Being just before the Christmas period my mum and I left the Indulgence Experience with not only the twelve bath bombs we had made ourselves from scratch but also with a few bags full of Christmas presents as well as some pamper treats for ourselves. We even got some small samples of the new face care range to be released in 2014 which I have yet to try though if anything like their other products I am sure I will not be disappointed.


Overall our Beauty Kitchen experience was a great relaxing afternoon out (included in the experience is a wonderful hand massage) and also taught us a lot about how using 100% natural ingredients is a better and more effective way of looking after your skin. Having tried most of the products I purchased so far The Beauty Kitchen are spot on in what they say. All of the products have done what they say they do, didn’t break the bank and also feel a lot more luxurious than many other products I have tried.

Luckily for me you can also buy products online at The Beauty Kitchen website, so my trip back to Wales won’t stop me from buying again.

My list of purchased products included:

  • Body Scrub
  • Body Oil
  • Bath Bombs
  • Bath and Massage Oil
  • Shower Gel
  • Bath Salts
  • Himalayan Salt Heart Soap

(My chosen products were scented with Love Me an uplifting blend of cinnamon leaf and orange sweet, plus evocative pine needle and frankincense and were bought as individuals products as well as in a 100% Natural A Go Go Hamper.)

Thank you to the ladies at The Beauty Kitchen for a lovely afternoon and for some amazing products!

You can check out the Beauty Kitchen website HERE or the FACEBOOK page which often has some great offers to be snapped up. If you would like any more info on individual products which I tried feel free to comment and I am happy to share or write up another blog of individual products.


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