From Lazy to 10k in 7 Weeks

So, I did it. I got from a couch potato and lover of cheese boards to a mean, lean 10k running machine (who is still fond of cheese boards) in 7 weeks.


When I say mean, lean what I really mean is I made it and didn’t feel like I was going to collapse in a pile in the middle of Bute Park in Cardiff afterwards, which in itself is an achievement.

And what have my 7 weeks of training taught me?

  1. I can do it! I can actually run 10k or 6.3 miles (which I think sounds more!)
  2. Running hurts if you don’t warm up properly and if you don’t have the correct shoes. Buying and breaking in a new pair of running trainers in the 7 weeks I feel may have wrecked my heels for life. Not my brightest idea but my old running trainers were truly by their sell by date.
  3. Eating pizza the night before a run is not in any way shape or form a sensible idea.
  4. Dexter is a great running companion. The little man has limitless energy and a lot of motivation unlike his owner.
  5. I hit my ‘wall’ really early. My sister mentioned the ‘wall’ to me, the moment when you are running and your head is telling you, ‘No, No, NO! STOP! You cannot do this.’ The weekend after my 10k I took part in my local ParkRun and just 2.5k in I was hitting the dreaded ‘wall.’ Pretty pathetic motivation if we are honest the week after the 10k.
  6. Training for a run is a good idea if like me you have a boyfriend in the military who is gone what feels like 99% of the time. It gives me a focus and something to divert my attention and time to.

And the final point I am not proud as punch to admit:

  1. If I could choose between a rest and a run day, I would still have a rest day hands down! Perhaps couch-potato-itus is just within me!?

Despite my chronic laziness, I am determined to push myself further, enter more 10k’s, increase on speed (I was not impressed with my 1hr 6min time) and hopefully complete a half marathon.


And with this being said I today, officially signed up for my next 10k back home in Glasgow in May and will follow this with the Glasgow half marathon in October. The year of the Commonwealth and my sister has promised me a great atmosphere. No time like the present!

2014 is going to be the fittest year of my life…..I hope! Wish me luck!



2 thoughts on “From Lazy to 10k in 7 Weeks

    • Oh goodness so sorry for my extra ordinarily late reply!
      I have reverted back to couch potato and instead aiming for half marathon some time next year hopefully! I lost my running bug!
      How did you manage on your half marathon???

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