Fashion Dont’s 2012 – *1*

So my first fashion don’t of 2012 hit me during Christmas shopping in Glasgow City Centre. The streets were packed with only two days to go till Christmas when I was literally shocked by one girls attire.

So I will give the benefit of the doubt if this was unintentional (which it must have been! Surely!?) but this girl could have given Cher a run for her money.

A cropped black leather jacket, white ripped tee, black biker boots and the nasty culprit of the fashion don’t? Those black leggings!

 At home they are cosy, sweet and innocent, but be wary when you step outside or your hiney could be greeting the world! As Paris Hilton kindly demonstrates!

I could not help but wonder why one of the girls friends did not tell her of this fashion error. Perhaps they did not want to upset her? Maybe they were more embarassed than she was or maybe for some crazy reason it was intentional whatever the reason…no, no, and no.