One Pizza = One of your 5 a day?

Well if your American and at school then, Yes! Pizza really is a new vegetable…strangely.

Ok, so the American Congress maybe didn’t fully realise what they were implying when they were reviewing school lunch standards earlier this month but putting together the basics of their new ‘health’ decisions shows that a school child (according to Congress) will be consuming one of their 5 a day when they choose pizza from the lunch menu.

Here’s how it works out..

While there are plans to limit the use of potatoes and sodium and increase the use of healthy wholegrains, the bill, which is still to be passed, allows tomato paste on pizza to be counted as a vegetable. Add to that some of those hidden veggies under the melted cheese, you seem to be well on your way to a healthy lunch time meal (sense the sarcasm?).

The American press claim it is an effort to cut costs as has previously been seen in the US when Raegan classified tomato ketchup a vegetable.

I’m confused by the justification of this decision making and I’m sure if this bill is passed so will many generations of school children today who barely know what a vegetable is (remember Jamie Oliver’s School Dinners?). It concerns me more what type of ‘healthy’ lifestyle image they will be passing on to the next generation.

And the US obesity crisis rages on….

(sources: and Associated Press)