Feeling Like A Puppy Mum

If anyone hasn’t already heard me continually going on about my Christmas then you either;

A. Don’t have me as a friend on Facebook

B. Don’t follow me on Twitter

C. Don’t follow me on Instagram

or D. You don’t know me whatsoever

If you have been lucky enough to be noticing me on my favourite social media sites then you will surely know by now that I had the best Christmas ever as I got the best present ever..

A Puppy! 

Say hello to Dexter

Say hello to Dexter

I am now officially a puppy mum.

I’ve always wanted a dog. Never realising , until now just how much work they are. But Dexter is just far too cute for words so I can’t complain. I even still think he’s cute when he wakes me up at 5 o’clock every morning wanting to play. There goes my long lies!